What it truly means to Dance in the Rain.

I am really working on blogging a lot this year. I am not always good with words so please forgive me. I am sure this is going to be a memo for every session.

There is something truly magical when I meet a family. Especially a family that over the corse of a few years. They start as who is this crazy lady jumping up and down and making by far the strangest noises possible to get my child to smile. They are nervous, you want me to do what. I often get. And then over the Course of time becoming themselves in front of the camera. This family did just this. We had to reschedule our first date and trying to reschedule on a reschedule due to causes we cant control can be daunting. I think I talked to this mom all day about her session. Its suppose to rain. WAIT its not suppose to rain now. OH yes again now it is. We decided that whatever happens happens and we will roll with the punches.

We arrived. I just adore this family and if you know them you know why I do. Another thing about getting to know families is they show me them they are honest. DOWN right brutally honest and who they are. I asked Dad so how are the kids. His response HORRIBLE they are not having it today. In the back of my mind Im nervous will I get them to smile, while they be themselves, oh boy are we going to have to reschedule based on having a bad day. LETS FACE IT, we all have bad days and Kids are no different. THEY do they really do and sometimes its just not their day to smile, Run and be silly. Well lets just say they were fun I love a little challenge at times and with having a bad day sometimes we have to just have fun to have a good day!! We laughed OH we all laughter these boys gosh they melted my heart. Since they were doing fantastic we decided to head over to my SPOT. My favorite water area at my favorite park. It was overcast out and I couldn’t wait!! I imagined was this great moody overcast sky. But what I got was SO much more. It started to DOWNPOUR. Like full on pour like I have never seen before. I looked at mom and dad as we were walking and they looked at me and said LETS DO IT. AND this is why I love the ADP families. NOT everything in life happens perfect and these moments are by far my favorite moments to document. I have all of the beautiful looking images which we all adore and then my friends and then we just be US!!

THIS IS US. Meet the V family!