Mom & Her boys

I was so excited when I met Jennifer and her 3 amazing boys. Those two older ones fooled me I didn’t even realize they are twins. Both super sweet boys all with their own amazing personality. Jennifer wanted to document her love for them. As a boy mom myself I know documenting them being sweet also comes with documenting them being fun and silly. WE had to add in a pillow fight because it was only fitting for boys!! When choosing the images to share on this blog, I choose a lot of the B&W. WOW something I dont typically do but I find something so lovely and timeless about this session in B&W!


When little P came in for her two year old sessions she was a little shy. It took only a few moments before she warmed up and gave the sweetest smilies. We had a lot of fun Jumping on the bed that brings out the most amazing natural smiles!

C & T are one

Some people get to only meet one or two sets of twins their entire life. I am lucky enough to document over 20 twin families. I love how each and every one of them have their own unique personality. They are typically taking turns on who is digging the session and who would rather hang out. In this case C&T both wanted to be a big star and showed off their amazing personalities!