"Doted on"

Perfect & Beautiful in every way. A few months back a dear friend was talking to me about what are my favorite images. It is always so hard for me to answer. I just adore the littles in all their life stages. I even enjoy when its just mom and dad or a couple. There are specific part to every session that give me what I like to call the "Feels." That moment when you really SEE a family or a couple. 

Every session I strive to document the "Feels" this one in particular. These big boys. WOW did they just love their little sis, talking the entire time about her doting on her every little peep in between playing with the trains. When it came time to do just them I couldn't help but adore their love for her. They snuggled her so so sweet, I can just see that she will always have two big brothers watching over her. I can't wait to watch her grow and the love her big brothers have for her. 

"All the Feels"